Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Festive issue has arrived!

Last week the Festive issue of A Needle Pulling Thread arrived in the mail. It is full of wonderful projects and vibrant colour photos of each. If you go to the web site you can see a preview of this issue and ordering information if you don't already have a subscription.  You can order single issues as well or if you look in your local book store you may find it there. Many fabric/quilting/needlework stores carry it as well.

There is a wonderful close-up of the Christmas balls on the web site in the preview. The graphs for each of the balls and directions for assembling each are included so you can have apparent seam-free decorations. Even the instructions for the ribbon trims have been included.

Also this week a wonderful couple of photos arrived from Kathy S. She made the little boy's suit from the pattern Infant Wardrobe I for a friend's grandson and monogrammed the breast pocket. What a lucky little guy and what a sweet child he is!!

It is so rewarding to see photos like these.

Another friend sent a photo of her grandson, Josh, wearing his Baby Boy's Smocked Bonnet. This actual bonnet is from the first version of the pattern. The current bonnet comes a bit lower over the ears. The bonnet would actually go together quite well with the suit for a cool-weather christening! Josh is now about three months old and growing so fast like all little boys!

I've been working on samples for the next semester's classes at Triangle Sewing Centre for Jan., Feb. and Mar. which will be posted to the web site as soon as possible.  One of the new classes is for a "Kobo Kote/Kindle Kase" which can easily be enlarged for an iPad pouch, a Sony Reader or other techno gadget cover. We won't let on but they actually employ a bit of smocking.  I've called it fabric manipulation as it doesn't involve conventional smocking. Have you figured it out yet?

So until next time do keep stitching........                               

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Other sites to visit!

We had our first dusting of snow yesterday morning and it was a shock to open the blinds to see all the white. Of course it was gone by lunch time as the temperature climbed and the sun rose. But it was a reminder of what is to come and that it is time to get ready - check out the windshield wiper fluid in the car and get the snow tires on the vehicles. One of these days we will have to deal with real snow but hopefully not for at least another month.

My friend Lisa Hawkes from New England has this wonderful web site, Pink Hollybush Designs. She began her business just over a year ago and it has been so exciting to watch her business grow. Lisa shops for her fabrics in New York City and takes care to only choose the finest quality goods. I just love her Mother-of-Pearl buttons as it is so hard to find them where I live. There is ivory Irish handkerchief linen and sumptuous silky pink silk dupioni - fabrics that are hard to find in Canada at this quality and price! You will find all sorts of interesting things when you visit Lisa's site.

Nancy Zieman is world famous for her TV program and mail order business which began back in 1979. But there is also a store, a retail location, Nancy's Notions, in Beaver Dam, WI where you can actually go and shop for all the things Nancy has made famous. They also hold classes!!

Last year before I started this blog I had a call from the store asking if they could order some of my Snowdrift patterns for a class. I was in shock to say the least to think that such a famous store wanted my patterns for a class. Well, once again I've had a call for more patterns as they had such great success last year, they are running the class again. 

Now it isn't being held until January 16 of next year but we should all be planning ahead, right?  So if you live within distance of Beaver Dam, WI, why not treat yourself to a class at this famous store?

Last summer I met a lovely lady in the manicure shop where we went to have out nails done for my daughter's wedding. While we were sitting under the nail dryer we got to talking, naturally. She told me about a group that she is involved with called Get Well Gang. These ladies knit or crochet hats for men, women and children undergoing cancer treatment. I've looked at their patterns, and having gone through chemo therapy, I can tell you the styling looks comfortable and stylish. If you have a desire to make a donation to this group or to make one of their hats for a friend who might be going through chemo therapy, believe me, there is a need. From my experience just keep in mind when choosing your yarn, it needs to be very soft to the touch and preferably hand washable. This is just one of their cloche hat patterns. You will make someone who is fighting this horrid disease so much more comfortable.

I hope you have found these web sites interesting and helpful.
So until next time, keep stitching.....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

That Sewing Place

This week I finally made it over to That Sewing Place on Bayview Ave., just one stop light south of Mulock in Newmarket! This new shop is owned and operated by Jaret Grimble and his sister, Liana Kirkey. I'm so sorry Liana was not in the day I was there to take these photos.

They have been open for a bit and are growing weekly! They carry Bernina and Brother machines and service all makes and brands. Now many of you will remember them from their mother's store, Evelyn's Sewing Centre. Well these two have struck out on their own since Evelyn retired to carry on the same high standard of service you were used to getting at their mom's shop.
Jaret & Evelyn coffee in hand!
Education is important to these two. You will be pleased to see the lineup of classes they have to offer and the number of notions grows and grows. If there is something you are looking for be sure to ask about it. They want to keep abreast of new things as well. And to my great surprise the prices were wonderful! So be sure to check them out whenever you can. I'm sure Evelyn will have the coffee on if she is in visiting!!

One of the things I was looking for the day I was in was a marker for dark fabrics. Liana showed me two. First was the Frixion marker. It comes with a nice fine point in many colours and can be removed with friction or heat. I immediately chose the lime green, one of my new favourite colours.....

Next was the Fons & Porter mechanical marking pencil which comes with additional leads. It comes in light or dark 'lead' and erases with white eraser. So you have a choice of two types and two price points depending on your needs.

We made one more trip to the cottage this week and although it was supposed to be nice all day, we drove into rain on the way up. It was quite cool and bleak with most of the leaves gone from the trees. I couldn't help but think of little suspended jewels though as we drove down the lane and saw the raindrops hanging from the bare branches. What do you think?
Winter is fast approaching and with it more indoor time for stitching It is definitely time to get your projects lined up for Christmas if you haven't already done so.

So until next time, keep stitching......