Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fun Ribbon Headbands for Infants

These little headbands are so easy to make and all the rage. You can have one in every colour to match or coordinate with every outfit! The more you do the faster and easier it gets……

I was doing a little housecleaning of file cabinets and drawers the other day and came across the instructions for making the braided ribbons. I had made a headband with this technique a few years ago when silk ribbon first came on the scene and tucked it away – I keep everything hence the need to deep clean!!

So for 18” of ‘braided’ ribbon you will need about 4 yards of ” ribbon - I chose a lightweight double-sided satin Offrey ribbon which I purchase on a roll at “Michael’s”.
Find the middle of the ribbon and hold it with the ‘tails’ hanging down. Fold it in half with the left side crossing over the right side. [I’ve used pins to hold the ribbon so I can photograph the steps. I did find it was easier to start the procedure with a pin to hold the ribbon for the first few loops then pick it up in your hands and work ‘free hand’.]


Now slip a loop of the ribbon that crossed over through the main loop – see the photo. This is the only hard part of the ‘braid’.
Next step is to fold a loop of ribbon from the left ribbon (see photo) and slip it through the previous loop. Gently pull down on the right ribbon tail to tighten it around the new loop.


So basically all you are doing is creating continuous loops through which you are slipping a new loop.

When folding the ribbon loops simply fold the ribbon back on itself – don’t let it twist.

Be gentle with the ribbon – don’t crush it when you tighten the ribbon tails.

Keep the tension even and occasionally give the chain or braid a little tug to pull it into a straight line.

When you have enough braid or have reached the end of the ribbon, pass a straight end of ribbon through the last loop. With needle and thread (to match the ribbon) take a few stitches to secure the end of the ‘braid’.

If you know the head size of the child double check the measurement and join the ends of the braid – if possible overlapping them. Take a few stitches to be sure they are securely joined.

The braid will have a natural stretchiness that won’t ‘die’ the way elastic will over time. This is good as you don’t want the headband to be too tight – it should sit on the child’s head so the she forgets it is there!!


Now you can add a decoration such as a circular ruffle of lace with a concertina ribbon rose in a contrasting colour stitched to the centre.

Or you could attach a pompom over the join; perhaps a pretty bow or a button.

If you quilt, make a ‘yo-yo’ to match or coordinate with the outfit.

Just don’t have anything hanging down that will tickle or draw attention to the fact that she is wearing a headband.

There are so many ways to finish the headband that each one you make can be different. Have fun with these!!
Afterthoughts: I found some beautiful variegated ribbon that would make an amazing headband but th piece was just a bit too short! I’ll keep a look out for more like this and other interesting ribbons.

That led me to wondering what would happen if I used two colours of ribbon.  This gives a sort of checkerboard pattern.
Imagine all the trims you could make with two colours!
Wider ribbon makes a much wider trim and there are lots of places besides headbands to use it such as necklines, hems, even napkin rings – let your imagination run wild!!
So till next time, keep stitching…..