Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Pink Truffle Collection

"The Pink Truffle Collection" is on display at The Art Exchange on Wortley Road, London, ON. Up until now I have not been able to show the Collection due to contract restrictions. But now that they are on display in the gallery at long last I can show you what I was working on over the winter!  
If you go to their web site you can see the exhibit, "The Fabric of Art". Simply click on one of the photographs and a slide show will come up of that artist's work. There are some really amazing pieces on display and for sale during the exhibit. The Fabric of Art closes on June 4th. I have been promised photos of the installation and if they come through, I will post them here.  

This is the first time I have entered into an art gallery show and I have certainly learned a great deal. 

So this past weekend we opened the cottage. It was so warm on Fri. evening that we had the sliding doors to the deck open until 10 p.m. - we haven't been able to do that at home. Well it didn't last long! The next morning it was cold again and raining so I worked indoors to get the place ready for summer. Of course, as we were about to leave on Sun. the sun came out.  I caught a photo of one of the trilliums we planted a couple of years ago. I thought if we planted some they would multiply but so far no luck. The woods behind us were carpeted in them but it wasn't fit to take pictures. If they are still in bloom next time we are up there, I will take more photos. The trillium is Ontario's provincial flower and comes in pink and red but white is the most common colour. In fact I am not sure I have ever seen a red trillium!

While I am waiting for the printer to deliver the new pattern, I'm working on Christmas ornaments for A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine. The deadline is June 1st so I have some heavy duty stitching and writing to do to be ready for that date! As is normal, I will be submitting a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced level design. We shall see what space Carla has and, if she approves of the submission, then I will let you know the publication date. 

It is great fun to create Christmas balls any time of the year as they are small items and can go with you to the hockey rink or the soccer field. They make a great medium to try new stitches, techniques and fibers. And you can make some amazing decorations with fabric you would never wear. So watch for more information.

My friend Angela and I have started on my dress for Robyn's wedding. This week we are going down to Queen Street to look for the fabric. With my silver hair, I am hoping to find a rich royal blue which should also be slimming. Last week we worked out the design and did a pin fitting. Angela was couturier trained in Europe and had a bridal wear business for years. Now she teaches at Seneca college. Her specialty is beading so I am eager to see what she has in mind for my gown.

So until next time, keep stitching!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time flies.....

Not to sure where time flies to, but I've been busy and realize it has been quite a while since I've posted here.

Chef Bent hard at work with his sous chef
We spent Easter in Ottawa with family and when we arrived found Robyn coping with emergency pumps and hoses draining a basement flooded with 2 feet of water. Bent was out tracking down a new sump pump! Needless to say it was not a great start to the weekend and we didn't have time to work on wedding plans. But our celebration dinner was magnificent thanks to Bent's creativity and his mother taught us their German tradition with coloured hard boiled eggs Sunday morning.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I was up at 4:20 a.m. (a bit later than planned as coverage on one of our stations began at 3 a.m.! I'm not that crazy, though.) 
The bride, The Duchess of Cambridge's gown was so beautiful and classic. When they showed a picture of Princess Grace's gown you could see the influence. Since Alexander McQueen was one of my favourite English designers, I was thrilled that his 'house' had been responsible. (I was in his shop, and Vivian Westwood's as well, last time I was in London. They were just amazing!) I was just a bit disappointed with her veil as it seemed a bit limp but Kathe explains why.

My friend, Kathe, sent these details from her post in England:
The Royal School created Carrickmacross, an Irish lace, appliques of English roses, Scottish thistles, Irish shamrocks and Welsh daffodils which were applied to French Chantilly lace for the bodice. The lace at the hem was Cluny  and the veil was silk tulle which is very soft. Like you I loved her dress....she sure promotes British fashion as did the guests. 
We were both glued to our sets soaking up all the details. The couple is like a breath of fresh air to the Royal family. The wedding party and parents looked perfect and all those hats! I was taking note of many of the details with our daughter's wedding approaching this July. Can't wait till they visit Canada later this year.

We've got a new member of the family it seems. This is the first time we've had a bunny come to visit regularly! Just after Easter this little fellow appeared in the back of our yard and as he grew more sure of himself, he worked his way down to the bird feeder. He spent most of the evening 'grazing' along with the mourning doves and other birds. He was back again yesterday afternoon in broad daylight sunning himself until Bob went out to cut the grass. 
I just hope he doesn't decide to set up shop and devour our asparagus when it begins to sprout!
 I received photos from The Northwest Smocking Arts Guild in Everett, WA this week. These wonderful ladies had permission from Carla at A Needle Pulling Thread to use the article from the Spring 2007 issue. I designed these Easter Eggs specifically for the magazine. Fourteen members participated and they created Easter eggs. 
So here are their photos. Do enjoy!
The ladies and their finished eggs!

Here are some of the garments from their library display. Love the mannequins.
Hard at work.
More garments displayed.
A finished Easter Basket

Since I heard from Joy at the Washington Guild I've had another lady from Huntsville, ON enquire about doing the Easter Eggs as a class project. It is always so rewarding to hear that all the work that goes into a magazine article like this creates interest and provides success to others where ever you live. 
Thank you, Joy, for sharing your wonderful photos. 

So until next time. keep stitching!