Thursday, January 15, 2015

A different approach to "Little Breeze"

A wonderfully creative lady wrote to me a couple of months ago from Las Vegas about making up my pattern, “Little Breeze”. Most people make this little dress in cotton. What a difference to find someone making it in a challenging fabric like taffeta!!


She planned to use the most sophisticated aubergine shot taffeta. She wanted to extend the fold back facing (2” in the pattern) to include the full area to be smocked.  Upon hearing this I was just a little worried as in the past I had had trouble getting taffeta into and through my pleater, let alone pleating a double thickness.  Julie assured me she had lots of fabric and it was quite thin. So off she went to pleat! 

From the inside of the front panel - double thickness of taffeta with netting below.
Front skirt panel from the right side.

I couldn’t believe how well it pleated. Fabric availability obviously differs depending on where you live and I expect she was using a tissue taffeta – a very fine weight, not at all like what I envisioned.

To finish off the lower edge of the fold back facing she attached a fine, black netting or tulle. This was long enough to make a slip or crinoline. To this she added a ruffle at the hem to help add fullness which in turn supports the skirt.
Ruffle bottom on the netting

I can see this as an adult evening gown as well. Can you see it beaded with subtle black jet beads to catch the light? And accessorized with drop jet earrings. How decadent! Can you just hear the rustle of the taffeta against the netting??

All done!

 What a wonderful job, Julie! Bravo!!  

It is so rewarding to hear from people who use my patterns and don’t hesitate to be creative, to think ‘outside the box’ and to try something different.  I do encourage people to send me photos of their work. 

Cheerio for now and do keep stitching……