Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sun, sea and cool weather!

The sun is shining and the sea is a perfect blue-grey but the air is cool. Every morning the sun comes up and colours the sky and sea with the palest pink and it does the same when it set at night. Last evening, after dark, the waves were touched with quicksilver as they reflected the moon. Every day people on the beach are wearing coats as there is a cool breeze off the ocean. We're here in Myrtle Beach for a wee holiday! Although it was mild at home and we had but a skiff of snow, we took off for South Carolina in hopes of finding warmer temperatures and golf courses for my husband to try.

I've heard back from another friend who has sewn up the "Infant Wardrobe I" pattern. Debbie tried something different and used fleece for the jacket and teamed it with a light weight wool with a matching fleck of mint green for the pants. Now the ingenious thing Debbie did to save time was to pair the suit with a 'Onsie'. But the clever part comes with fusing a bow tie of the pant fabric to the neckline of the 'Onesie'!! I'm just so sorry that her grandson grew so quickly and the suit was too small by the time she was able to complete the outfit. Unfortunately the pants look like they are tiger striped in this photo but if you could enlarge it to full size that effect would disappear.

 On the way down we stopped off in Richmond, VA to visit the most beautiful  shop, Chadwick Heirlooms. The main floor is a wonderful antique shop filled with fine furniture, china and paintings. But upstairs, oh, my an oasis for the heirloom sewer, fine fabrics, delicate French laces and Swiss embroideries. Pat assured me that smocking was alive and well in her part of the world and I am so glad to hear it!

As many of you know George Webb, the grandson of Grace Knott, has announced he is retiring later this year. That means that Grace L. Knott Smocking Supplies Ltd. as we know it will be closing. I just want to let you know that I am not retiring or closing! I will be carrying on with my line of patterns, Amberlane & Amberpetites. You can now order patterns with your Visa or MasterCard - just one of the updates we've made! Erika, my technical assistant, is busy building a new web site even while we are away and we have lots of plans for new and exciting things - patterns and more. When we get it done, or nearly done we will be posting a notice here and I do invite you to visit the site now and often. 

So, until next time, Keep stitching.....