Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More wedding photos

People keep asking for more photos of the wedding. We still don't have the photographer's photos - just the proofs. So here are some that we and friends have taken.

Robyn, one of her bridesmaids and I went for French manicures as a treat two days before the wedding at a spa on the outskirts of Ottawa. I have never seen such a large establishment! There were 15 stations for nails, plus 3 stations for French manicures, plus 2 - 3 stations that accommodated 4 people for drying nails, + a separate room with 10 stations for acrylic nails, + rooms for tanning, waxing and massage! To my surprise, about half the technicians were men but it is my understanding that in Vietnam boys start training as early as age 7. I was impressed. The price was quite reasonable and the manicure lasted nearly two weeks!

The Salon/Spa

So let's jump to the day of the wedding. 

We were staying at a Bed and Breakfast, The Old Burnside, just a short drive from Almonte, ON which was the site of the wedding. The mansion was circa 1840 and simply incredible. I invite you to check it out on line: <www.oldburnsidebedandbreakfast.com> It is so picturesque being situated on the backs of the Mississippi River (no, not the big one!) the food was fabulous and we had the whole place to ourselves the night before and after the wedding. Robyn had two rooms on the second floor - one for sleeping in which was "gianormous" and a second one for her and her maids to dress. We had the third floor all to ourselves.

I admit that we were the tradition 15 minutes late getting to the location. But this area is like the Bermuda Triangle of GPS and the photographer got lost finding the Mill as he was using his. It was only a 5 minute drive but he ended up somewhere else and so the ceremony was about 45 minutes late starting. As a result everyone was getting somewhat sunburned!

So here is the Bride on the arm of her Father starting down the path to the ceremony.

The Bride and Groom about to take their vows.....
Who gives this Bride to be wed?

Ceremony over and they are about to leave as Husband and Wife....
Look at all those beautiful wild flowers and the line up of maids of honour

Mom and Dad with two of the Attendants behind.....

It's over and now the fun can begin!

Older brother Paul, Robyn, Mom and Dad

Mr & Mrs Bent Gellerich!

Last but not least, cutting the cake at midnight.....
What a perfect day and evening. They both had to work for part of the week following the ceremony but took a couple of days at Le Chateau Montebello near Montreal for a much needed rest. (Check it out on line - it is quite an historical place! <www.fairmont.com/Montebello>) Then they flew to New York for the U2 concert and then on to the Caribbean for their honeymoon. Bent kept it a total secret as to where they were going until they went in the airport and security asked where they were going.

Reality has now set in as the honeymoon couple have returned home to work and school. We heard from them on the weekend and they sounded well rested and ready to 'begin the rest of their lives together' - just like they say on the soaps.

So now it is back to reality and work for me as well. 
Enjoy your summer and keep stitching!! Until next time.....

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