Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a hot week!

It has been a record breaking week this past week for temperatures here with extreme heat warnings. Nothing like the southern states, of course, but 118 degrees F with humidity factored in, for us, is not to be sneezed at. At least it cools of at night and won't last much longer. There are how many days till Christmas?

The first interpretation of the "Infant Wardrobe I" has just come in. Lynn B has made it up in the 11 lb, size, in pink broadcloth solid and coordinating gingham with a pink batiste shirt - very girly! 

Lynn chose to clean line the jacket in the same easy-care poly/cotton broadcloth as the jacket was cut and bound the edges with bias gingham broadcloth. 

She used the same bias to edge the solid pockets on the pants and used the solid pink broadcloth for the front waistband.

By leaving the pockets off the jacket there is no competition with the pant pockets. The old adage, less is more, works well when the outfit is all together. 

Note how she has smocked the shirt collar and edged it in lace!Such a pretty touch! She rounded the corners of the collar to give it a softer look. Again she has used the bias gingham to finish the neckline so everything ties in together perfectly.

Lynn said she increased the width of the sleeves a bit to smock the wrists as batiste requires a higher ratio of the pleats for smocking.

I love what she has done with the tam - gingham for the upper portion and headband and solid for the underside. That jaunty ribbon bow just sets if off.

What a great job, Lynn. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all!!

Pictures of the wedding are beginning to come in so I will post a couple more in the next post as you have requested.

Until then keep stitching!

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