Friday, July 15, 2011

The party's over....

The Event of the Year for the Marquis and Gellerich families was held at the Mill of Kintail just north of Almonte, ON on July 9.  And oh, we had such a beautiful day! A perfect day!! The sun shone with temperatures in the mid 20's C and there was a light breeze wafting through the trees at the cloisters.

It had been a whirlwind week leading up to Saturday as the bridal couple had chosen to do most of the wedding prep themselves. We loaded jelly beans into organza bags and tied them to wine decanters for guest favours late one night. I just couldn't resist taking a picture of the pile of little bags; they looked so pretty.
We folded, stacked, printed, tested sound equipment, cut fruit and cheeses, set up tables in the marquis tent, made up the place cards, set battery powered candles in little white paper bags and small pillar candles in sand in mason jars (a M.S. touch that worked so well). We laughed and cried over the course of the week and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning too many nights!

All the bridal party and many of their friends showed up and worked really hard the night of the rehearsal and the morning of the wedding to be sure everything was perfect for the outdoor reception. Here are the parents and sister of the groom at the rehearsal night BBQ at their farm (also the reception site).
Of course, my camera battery died just as Robyn was donning her gown so the rest of these photos are gifts from family.

Bent and his Mom

Robyn and her Dad on their way down the aisle

Robert, Brittany (our youngest niece) and me - all in matching blues!
So many of you have asked about my dress. It was made by Angela Anistakis and was a bamboo and Lycra knit which Angela beaded around the neckline. She made a matching triangular stole which came in very handy later in the evening when the fireworks were set off! I made a little drawstring bag of the same fabric and beaded the base to coordinate with the dress beading. The fabric is very stretchy but it drapes beautifully and was wonderfully cool to wear. The skirt flared perfectly so that it had that 'kick' at the hem. I wanted something very simple but elegant (to show off my 45 pound loss) and I think Angela succeeded.

I will close for today and when I get more photos I will post a few - but not too many to bore you!

Till next time then, keep stitching!



  1. Sounds like a perfect day and a perfect wedding. Thanks for sharing photos and post more when you get them!

  2. Oh my. I was in the Lanark Highlands that day and the following day, we ended up (by error) in Almonte en route home! What a splendid wedding it must have been. Everyone looks so very happy and I love that colour on you. You must post more photos...YES!