Monday, August 29, 2011

Casting on with Jean Greenhowe....

This past week one of my friends dropped in to get some help with her sewing machine. She brought with her some of her work and I just had to share these photos with you!

Lynn is becoming renowned for her needlework in yarn. The number of first prize ribbons for her knitting and crocheting keeps growing year after year and she is now becoming a judge for the local fair.

Here are some photos of the little Jean Greenhowe dolls that she makes. She sent me these details on the dolls along with their pictures. They are all made with double knitting yarn; the scarecrow figures are about 13” tall and the other dolls are about 15 to 17” tall.  "They are what I call a “soft toy” as there are no wires or buttons involved.  Perfect for a hug or just tucking under a chubby little arm."


I can't tell you how sweet and charming they are. She said each doll takes about a week to make and when you see the detail it is no wonder. All the parts are stitched down so you can not lose a hat or pantaloons. I know how to knit so I can appreciate the quality of each of these little people. I am thinking that perhaps I should purchase a couple in anticipation of a grandchild in the next few years....  

If you are interested in contacting Lynn, let me know and I will put you in touch with her. I am sure she would ship them to anyone who was interested and they are light as a feather so it wouldn't be that expensive to do so. 

So until next time, keep stitching!!


  1. buenas tardes, me gustaría conseguir los patrones de la muñeca emily y payasos ¿Cómo podría conseguirlo? si no le importa envíeme un correo a muchas gracias un saludo

  2. Hi I am a big fan of jeangreenhowe. Thanks for sharing this. I have knitted some dolls as well from her patterns. My blog address is
    Your friend has done a beautiful job.