Sunday, January 9, 2011

On with the new year....

The Open House is over once again and it is time to move on with the new year! Everything will go back into its place and the house will look like normal by tomorrow. 
I wish to thank those wonderful ladies who braved the weather to drive long distances to join us. A good time was had by all and I hope next year we will have bright sunny skies and those of you who missed it will be able to attend.

Just have to share this photo of little Zoë who lives in Belgium! Her grandmother made this smocked dress for her first birthday a month ago. This was the first smocked dress her grandmother had made in many years and of course Zoë's first smocked dress. What a precious little girl. Now let's hope she gets many more smocked dresses! Keep up the good work Leslie!! The pattern is "The Baby Bishop Dress". 

My dear friend Kathleen lives in England and has sent me her interpretation of "Autumn Leaves", my most recent ladies pattern.  She used a fine blue wool twill and smocked it much lower than I had anticipated. Kathleen being Kathleen, she designed her own smocking plate and used variegated threads. Obviously influenced by traditional English smocks, Kathleen has cut her smock to knee length and prefers to wear it over a turtle neck and casual jeans. No doubt she will be scooting out to the local Farmers' Market on Fridays in this outfit.  Looks so great Kathe and I hope this will inspire others of you to try different looks.

All for today.....


  1. Glad to hear your Open House was a success. Thanks for sharing the smocked Bishop and Smock made by friends.

  2. Judith, this is really wonderful! I so enjoyed our classes together and it should be said, your INFINITE patience :) I look forward to learning much more at your knee. You are such a national treasure!