Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day 2011!

Well here we are, the first day of the new year 2011 and I am determined to make the time to get this thing up and running.

What a wonderful time of year it is for all the new beginnings and I always feel it is time to clean out the sewing room (and other parts of the house) and make a list of what needs to be finished off and the new projects that need starting with their due dates in mind. 

So this is what our new bird feeder looked like after our first surprise snowfall of the winter season. That was about 10" that fell over two days. We squeezed in a green Christmas but it turned mild just before Jan. 1 and all you see out there now is green grass. In fact it is raining as I write this. Next week we are supposed to get snow again. I guess Mother Nature felt what we had was looking a bit dirty so decided we should get rid of the old stuff and have some new and fresh. Such is life in southern Ontario.

Work is coming along slowly on the Christmas decorations. When they are finished I will post a photo. Have been thinking of calling them "The Pink Chocolate Collection". 


And here is the photo of my "Baby's Breath" pattern as seen in Sew Beautiful's newest "White" issue (Jan./Feb. 2011). It is made of Swiss Pima cotton Heirloom Dimity. The neckline has been tucked then gathered and the tucks were pinstitched in place. The neck and sleeve bindings are a dull satin fabric for contrast. I used a machine satin scallop to finish the hem and added touches of tiny blue embroidery for accents. If I were a great hand embroiderer, I would love to have seen the gown's hem done by hand with beautiful buttonhole stitching. But I am not, so.....

Well this was easier than I thought. Will try again soon!


  1. Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to many blog postings of your work, classes, ideas and more!!

  2. Congratulations Judith! So happy to see your blog coming along. The dress is just breathtaking. Can't wait to see more!